My name is Colton and I'm owner/founder of Qualified Offroad Gear. I've grown up in the Offroad/Jeeping world and its something I love and enjoy doing as much as I can. I've always tried my hardest to get people outdoors to experience what I've grown up around and it's always a success! From playing in the mud, to driving the Jeep out a backroad there's just something that pulls you in and makes you want more and that's why I've decided to do this giveaway. I want nothing more than to get as many people as I can exploring life in a Jeep. This is something I hope I can continue to do for a long time but I cant do it without the help from you all placing orders. Your orders help pay for the Giveaway vehicle, sweepstake fees and so much more. So lets work together and who knows... maybe you'll be driving down the road or hitting a trail in QOG1!