Q: I placed an order. How do I know if i'm entered?

Once you've completed your checkout our system will AUTOMATICALLY RECORD all of your entries! Place one, two, three or even 1000 orders, all of your entries will be AUTOMATICALLY COMBINED for you!


Q: How do I know how many entries I have?

Your total entries are calculated at checkout and submitted into our system! If you're unsure of how many entries you have feel free to email us CustomerService@QOGear.com


Q: How do I know if my order has shipped?

You will get a Shipping Confirmation to the email you entered at checkout. 

*NOTE: If you have not gotten any emails from us after placing your order, it is likely that you mistyped your email address during checkout. Please email our Customer Support team at customerservice@QOGear.com to have your email address checked or corrected.

Q: Do you have proof of people actually winning these?

This is our first giveaway and we hope to continue doing this. If you're skeptical about this giveaway please follow us on instagram @QualifiedOffroad or facebook and check us out. We would love to make you feel better about this and would love to answer any questions you may have.